Sharon Woods Map

This is a basic map with helpful markings to park entrance, venue location, parking and restrooms.

Running, Walking, Strolling Route Maps

1-Mile Route (paved)


This is a rolling, 1-mile paved route that follows the pavilion loop road, N. Meadow and S. Meadow Road. Stroller friendly, but stay to side as this road is open to traffic. Always walk/run on left side of road, facing on-coming traffic.

1.5-Mile Route (mostly paved)


This is a mostly paved and relatively flat route. Stroller friendly and only 3 road crossings.

2.25-Mile Route (paved and trail)


This is a nice mix of both paved and trail (gravel, dirt and grass). NOT stroller friendly.

3-Mile Route


Want to get in a nice, 3-mile walk or run to kick off your day? This is it! Scenic route that takes you up the gorge trail and along a portion of Sharon Lake where you loop back to the parcourse trail. This is a mix of paved and dirt/gravel. The gorge trail is more narrow than other parts of route. NOT stroller friendly.